Nationwide Classical and Modern Sequence Competition – Blackpool 2018

The IDTA  Nationwide Competition was held over the weekend of the 27th and 28th October 2018 in the Winter Gardens Blackpool, the school has competed for many years and this year was no exception. With competitors in many age groups and pupils learning the routines and practicing throughout the year the time to compete had arrived. For some it was their first visit and the splendour of the Winter gardens and the occasion was overwhelming.

An 8am early start on Saturday for the children’s modern sequence Under 12’s  partnership performed well and there were very proud parents, in the afternoon the adults took to the floor in the classical sequence competition in four age groups, all competitors danced well resulting in two finals and two trophies. For the mans over 50 a second place and the ladies over 50’s, sixth place.

The Sunday began with the repeated early call when our star dance competitor took to the floor, again performing very well with proud parents the reverse of Saturday children dancing their classical sequence all that hard work paid off with smiles they competed well against very strong competition an understanding and desire to improve for next year.

The adults turned to there modern sequence competition and again all performed very well with two finals reached the men’s over 50’s a third place and the ladies over 50’s a seventh place.

So a little tired on return but the desire to improve and return next year.

A great weekend had by all.



Details of Classes for Children and Adults.

A & M Dancing holds classes at the following places and times:


Children’s Theatre School Classes

St Mary’s Church Hall, Church Street, Bocking CM7 5JY

  • 9 00 – 9.40 Babies Ballet and Tap
  • 9.45 – 10.40 Freestyle/ Old Time/Ballroom and Latin
  • 10.45 – 11 40 Ballet and Tap 5 to 7 years
  • 11.45 – 12.40 Ballet and Tap 8 to 9 years
  • 12.45 – 14.15  Ballet & Tap under 16 years


Children’s Ballet and Tap Classes

St Mary’s Church Hall Church Street, Bocking CM7 5JY

  • 4 00 – 5.00 Grade 2 Ballet
  • 5.00 – 5.30 Grade 1 & 2 Tap


Children’s and Adults Classes


St Mary’s Church Hall, Church Street, Bocking CM7 5JY

  • 6 30 – 8 00 Competitive Classical and Modern Sequence dancing under 16’s to over 60’s
  • 8.00 – 10.00 Adult Social, Classical and Modern Sequence class.


Adults Ballroom & Latin with sequence Class

2.30pm to 4.00pm

at St Mary’s Church Hall, Church Street, Bocking CM7 5JY

Adults Ballroom & Latin Class

Rayne Village Hall

  • 8.30 – 10.00 Adults – Ballroom and Latin (All levels)


Grade 3 Ballet and Tap Class 5pm to 6.30pm

All held at St Mary’s Church Hall, Church Street, Bocking CM7 5JY

2018 A&M Dancing Show

Saturday 15th  September 2018

2 performances  1.30 pm and 6.30 pm

Moments of Mystery

Celebrating the eighth production by A&M Dance School we present a journey focused on Moments of Mystery.

A combination of choreographed performances entertaining differing dance styles and music, incorporating Tap, Ballet, Ballroom, Latin, and Theatre Craft, music themed from theatre, film and TV.

Performed by an enthusiastic cast, students, from under-five’s to 16 years.

Please come along and experience an afternoon or evening of enjoyment and fun.


Social Dance 2018 Programme

A&M Dancing School Evening Social Dance Programme

Evening Social Dances held at Rayne Village Hall.

Doors open 7.45 pm for 8 pm start, closure at 11 pm.

An opportunity to enjoy a friendly and social evening with family and friends, please bring your own refreshments and nibbles.

Admission single £7.00 couples £14.00

Sat 24th February 2018

Sat 24th March 2018

Sat 28th April 2018

Sat 23rd June 2018

Sat 21st July 2018

Sat 4th August 2018 (Old Time and Modern Sequence Ball)

Sat 29th September 2018

Sat 20th October 2018

Sat 24th November 2018

Sat 8th December 2018 (Christmas Party)

Further information required please contact the web page.

Theatre Exams SUCCESS

The school undertook an number of exams at differing ages and genre, Theatre, Gym, Ballet, Tap and Modern. Following the exam the pupils commented on how lovely the examiner was and how enjoyable the day was. This was reflected in the results well done everyone you should be very proud of your achievements.

Attached is the medal table how colourful and many rosettes and medals presented to all.

Well done all Miss Jacqui

Blackpool 2017

Another enjoyable weekend spent in Blackpool competing at the IDTA Nationwide Classical and Modern Sequence Dance competition.

Four competitors from the school did themselves proud, competing to very high standards, two finals with a third and fifth position.

Just want to say well done to all and the hard work begins for Blackpool 2018.

Some pictures of the weekend. 


Old Time Competition

On Sunday the 19th March 2017 A&M Dancing held an Old Time and Modern Sequence Competition, where representatives from several schools Dance Til Dawn, Quicksteps and The Flynn Dance school competed.

There were 36 competitions which included competitors from 3-5 Rosettes to over 60 competing in specific dance selections  outlined and to be judged in October 2017 IDTA Nationwide Classical Sequence and Modern Sequence Competition at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Prior to the main competition A&M Dancing students undertook their Nationwide qualifiers.

We would like to thank Pat Sharky for adjudicating and all the competitors, family and friends who made the day very enjoyable.

The following pictures are of A&M Dancing Students.IMG_0889 IMG_0892 IMG_0894 IMG_0896 IMG_0897


Theatre School Exams

On Saturday the 28th January a number of pupils from the school attended the schools theatre ,tap and ballet exam session, lots of hard work and preparation resulted in our very young students attending their first exam and achieving their rosettes, The older students achieving Distinctions in Grade 1 Tap and Primary Ballet,and Prep Theatre Craft, the school was reported to have very well presented students displaying good technique. 20170211_115459 20170211_141532 20170211_105836